Book Lovers – Question 7 (last)

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A Week of Questions. Pick one (or more) answers and write a comment.

A close friend recommends a book to you, but when you start reading it you discover it is badly written, with poor language and two-dimensional characters.

What do you do?

a) – Toss the book aside and get on with your life.
b) – Force yourself to read the book through to the end – there must be something good in it or your friend wouldn’t have recommended it.
c) – Wonder if there is some quality about the book that you are just too dull to appreciate.
d) – Begin to doubt your friend’s intelligence and the whole basis of your friendship.

A Week of Questions for Book Lovers was inspired by Pernilla’s Questions.

I originally published this article on the separate At the Quill website. I transferred it here on 27th April 2017.

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2 thoughts on “Book Lovers – Question 7 (last)”

  1. I have no patience with a badly written book, and I think by now I’m able to judge a book by the first pages. So a) is my answer. When I was younger, b) and c) might have been possible answers. Never d), though. Friends can be different, it makes life more interesting.

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