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Favourites 2009-2013

It’s a little hard to say which of all the posts are my favourites. They all were, at the time I wrote them. But re-reading them as I’ve had to do for the re-vamping of the website, some strike me as being better written than others. Some have a more effective theme or more successful illustrations. Some have aged better than others. The following list is subject to change, but it collects posts from the last 10 years that I’m still well pleased with.


At the QuillIn 2008 This is one of the earliest pieces on the site. I wrote At the Quill originally for a private diary on my computer, but uploaded it to the website once it was functional.

Phaedre headerIn 2009 I wrote my first review of the first NTLive broadcast. Phaedre with Helen Mirren in the title role.

Two taciturn men headerFrom 2010 I want to share my Artwicutale Two Taciturn Men. A story in 21 tweets, each including the word taciturn. (For more on Artwicutales and the Artwiculate game see The Artwiculate Round-up.)

Dad headerFrom time to time my blog veers into personal territory. I generally categorise these posts as Memoir. This is one about my father from 2011. Dad – remembering my father.

Mother's memories header To be even-handed I need to share a second Memoir now. This is one I wrote in 2012 about my mother. Mother’s memories.

House that grew headerFrom 2013, here’s another short story. The House that Grew. This was my first attempt at flash fiction with the Friday Fictioneers who I believe are still going strong.

Almost art header Between 2012 and 2014, at a different address, I published a daily photoblog with pictures from Gothenburg, the Swedish city where I live. This article says more about that. Photography, it’s Almost art, isn’t it?


The Royal Greenhouses at Laeken. In 2015 Mrs SC and I decamped to Brussels for three years. This was the first proper blog post I published from there. (Categorised under Stops and Stories.)

coin toss featured imageTo represent 2016 The coin-toss seems to be a given. I wrote this post and published it two days before the Referendum on Brexit. Re-reading it I seem to have been remarkable prescient.

2017 first quarter books featured imageMy choice to represent 2017 is From Putin to Martin in 13 stages – a reading quarter. Sometimes I publish reviews of single books, sometimes of a couple together, sometimes there’s a reading diary entry. And sometimes, as here, there’s overkill. But it’s interesting, I hope.

Nano Rhino headerRepresenting 2018, here’s my Writing Diary entry for November 2018: iNaNoWriMo no no no.

No favorites for 2019. The website was resting. I was working behind the scenes, and wrote a few posts, but I didn’t publish anything till the beginning of 2020.

Prora Rugen headerBefore I leave my favourites, though, here’s a link to a sort of music video I made back in 2009 from material I filmed and photographed in 2008 on the German Baltic island of Rügen. It’s my most successful YouTube video. Viewed more than 20,000 times. Prora, Rügen: Kraft durch Freude.


Here are ten posts that have been among the most popular since records began (in 2013 🙂 ).

And here are the ten posts that were most popular in the last twelve months. [Coming in the near future. May 2020]