The most popular posts at TheSupercargo

TheSupercargo has been going strong for more than 10 years now. For more than half that time I’ve been collecting statistics about visitors and keeping account of the posts that have been most popular. Here is a page of links to the ten most popular posts on the site over time.

The top 5

Faces in the Rocks header
Faces in the Rocks, published in January 2012. People have visited this photo essay more than 300 times.
The Beguine featured image
When did they begin, the Beguine, published in March 2017. People have opened this study of a medieval religious women’s co-operative very nearly 200 times since I published it.
A Beginner’s Guide to the Bruegel Fountains of Brussels, published in August 2018. Around 150 people have seen this photo essay.
In the Dieweg Cemetery, published in May 2017. A little over 130 people have found their way to this photo essay.
Head cold header
Just a Head Cold, published November 2012. This essay seems to have a perennial attraction. Viewed by more than 120 people over the years.