The visible fox and other pictures

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The visible fox

The visible fox says “Je ne suis pas nvisible” – but if I don’t share them here these pictures may be invisible to you.

During 2017 I’m trying to establish a presence on several different social networks. Some of them I’m relatively new to (Instagram, Google+), others (Ello, Ipernity) are attempted revivals. And then there’s Twitter. My reasoning is that, with a presence on all these different networks, I reach a wider audience than if I limit myself to just Facebook. Whether I will have the time to interact with people on all these networks – which is, kind of, the point – is another question. More difficult, I suspect, with Twitter (and Facebook), where a written conversation is the norm; easier perhaps on Instagram.

Anyway, in 2017 I’m going to try to publish an image a day on my accounts on each of these social networks, and see where I’m at at the end of the year.

Most of the images I published In January I drew from my blog articles (and included links back to However, there are a few that only appeared in one or more of my social networks. In this gallery I share all the January images (and a couple of February ones) that I haven’t previously published here.


  • I’ve not put in a link to my Facebook account as I am in process of hiving off a separate page for TheSupercargo. A link will follow.
  • I’ve not put in a link to my Google+ account because I seem to have been posting to at least two different accounts during January. I really find Google+ extraordinarily confusing.

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