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Imaging my world; picturing my days

[Sticky post] Imaging my world. Images is the category where I collect my photography (single photos and galleries), photo essays and illustrations.

Trollhattan falls header

A Day out at the Trollhättan Falls

Today we’re visiting Trollhättan for the opening of the Trollhättan Falls! OK, not today, exactly. The Days of the Falls at Trollhättan take place on the third weekend in July, which this year was the weekend of the 15th to 17th, and that’s when Mrs SC and I were there and when I took most … More…

Summer 2022 header

Summer 2022 greetings!

Greetings and some pictures from holiday Sweden, summer 2022. After several posts that ran on for many words, here’s something fairly brief!

Wisdom tooth collage

Twenty-five percent less wisdom

I’m down one wisdom tooth, which is why there won’t be a proper blog post this week. I’ve had toothache for a couple of weeks. Yesterday I got a time for a wisdom tooth extraction and today I’m a quarter less wise. But perhaps more opportunistic as I’m using it as an excuse to postpone … More…

Ice and snow header

A Song of Ice and Snow

A photo essay about winter ice and snow collecting photos mostly taken – though many not used – for my 2012-2014 daily photo bog GBG365.