KG Hammar on Babel

A Whisper Heard in Babel

Right: Former Archbishop KG Hammar reading his poem “Hörs en Viskning i Bruset” composed during the first day of the Gothenburg Book Fair and broadcast on the Swedish TV culture programme Babel from the floor of the Book Fair. The following is my attempt at a free translation. A Whisper Heard in Babel t the … More…

Extended faces

Extended faces

Digital art – faces of alternating genders and different ages on an abstract blue and white ground.

Crass punk samurai

Crass Punk Samurai

Digital illustration made up of a samurai, a punk mohawk, the logo of the anarcho-punk group Crass and the colours of the Jpanese flag.

Victorian family

Victorian Family

Digital art – photograph of Queen Victoria and her family, somewhat distorted!