Amazing strips – Featured images collection 1

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WordPress allows for bloggers to designate a featured image for each post. This is the picture that Facebook picks up to display when you share a post on an FB page. You can also use these images to promote posts elsewhere in your website. (As I am doing here with the related post and recent post thumbnails you will see looking around.)

Amazing strips

My new theme, GeneratePress, calls for letterbox-shaped featured images – amazing strips. As part of the business of refurbishing this website, and because a lot of the older posts never had featured images, I have been redesigning featured images or creating new ones from scratch. These images are by and large tucked away in the archives, so I thought I might share a few up front in a gallery.

As you see below, the gallery is a mosaic with pictures in random order. I’m not sure how they will appear to you. They should look a little different each time you refresh the page. The featured image above is how a part of them looked to me just now. Generally, I’m hoping they will appear as a series of stripes of varying thicknesses. If you click on them you ought to find yourself visiting the posts where they are featured images. Why not explore a little?

PS: “Amazing” is hyperbole. Just so you know I know. 🙂

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