Picture(s) of the weekend

Swedish Midsummer on the west coast Looking out to sea to the north west. I took these four photos at 7 p.m. (evening), 10 p.m. (sunset), midnight (twilight) and 2 a.m. (dawn) on the night between 25th and 26th July. Apologies for the quality of the 2 a.m. photo – I blame the light and … More…

Letter from Sweden Featured

A Letter from Sweden

This is my second voice recording in the series “Letters from Northern Lands”. This episode visits Swedish Midsummer, the recent Royal Wedding in Stockholm and the way the Swedish media has reported it, and considers whether Sweden is a monarchy or really a closet republic.

Letter 1 artwork

A Letter from Northern Lands

I’ve been planning to start with a “real” podcast for some time. Despite what I write below, this isn’t it! A real podcast needs to be hosted on a server designed for the purpose and to have a specially written RSS feed link which can be read by podcast aggregators like iTunes and Juice. I’ve … More…