Not Quite Procol

A re-write of the lyrics of “A Whiter Shade of Pale” using words from the Artwiculate word game.

Medieval apple tree

Pome Poem

Poem about apples and the various meanings of the acronym POME.

Longing for anemones header

Signs of Spring

Photo essay with pictures of some of the most common and loved Swedish signs of spring – everything from coltsfoot to decorated birch twigs.

Planet Gutsaf Adolf

Planet Gustaf Adolf

Photoshopped photographic image of Gustaf Adolf’s Square (Gustaf Adolfs torg) in central Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden


Crocus macro – a photo for spring

Crocus macro: A macro image of the patterned petal of a crocus. A landing strip for pollinating insects perhaps. Photo taken in the Botanical Gardens.

The Lost Gloves of Winter

As the snow melts, things lost re-emerge. You’d think, the weather being the way it has been this past winter, people would keep their gloves or mittens on and notice if they drop one. Not so, it seems. I took all but two of these photos within a few streets of my home in Gothenburg, and all but one in the last few weeks.