Pome Poem

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Medieval apple tree Powerless Over My Emotions,
the Product Of My Environment,
I climbed the walls and stole the apples.

That was my Point of Main Effort,
but crisp apples sweet
apples red apples
juicy apples tart
Golden apples from Hesperides.
They provided my Point of Market Entry
and the money rolled in.

Yet I was too self-confident,
too cocksure.
I called myself the Apple King –
No one could move them like me.
Betrayed by my photograph on the cover of
the September edition of
Principles of Motion Economy.

Chased and
caught by Scotland Yard,
now I mope;
a Prisoner of Her Majesty of England.

The Word of the Day on Loqwacious on 7th April was Pome (meaning “the characteristic fruit of the apple family”). It looked like an anagram of “poem” and turned out also to be an acronym with quite a variety of senses.

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