The Supercargo’s Vlog: Episode 3 – Animated Titles

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Making animated titles

I’m on a steep learning curve as far as animation goes – and using video production software. Quite low down on the curve as yet, I admit. In this episode I attempt to make an animated titles sequence to use in future videos. My target was to make a sequence of 3 seconds duration. I had some limited success.

As often seems the case (two vlogs out of 3 so far)  the video starts out fairly relaxed. Then I discover I’m running out of time and it all comes to an end rather abruptly. But at least I managed a “proper” vlog episode for this week rather than last week’s emergency effort.

The video production software I’m using – and which is shown a little in the video – is Movavi Screen Capture Studio 8

My YouTube channel is here.


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