Bruxelles adieux! Brussels farewell!

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After three years in Brussels, where Mrs SC was working on secondment at the WCO, we finally left the city at the end of 2018. On the 13th December a removal team turned up at the flat we’d been renting in Uccle and stripped it (see this video – After that we spent nearly two weeks in Air-b&b accommodation, finally flying home on Boxing Day, the 26th December.

The spirit of Christmas sharing

It wasn’t quite the relaxing holiday we’d hoped for despite Mrs SC having to work six more days. First I fell ill with a bad cold, then (in the spirit of Christmas sharing) I passed it along to her. Also the flat we were staying in, though it looked pretty good – and previous residents had given it rave reviews – turned out to be in a basement with a concrete floor, picture windows and an unreliable heating system. It was either cold and a bit damp or warm and a bit damp, with no air circulation to speak of.

However, we determined to make the most of our free time and I did some filming with my dinky Sony CyberShot.

Home again in Sweden, with all our belongings from our 120cm2 Brussels apartment shoehorned into our 80cm2 Gothenburg flat, it’s been difficult to find the space to set up my computer and edit the video. But here it is, finally and at last.

My thanks to A Himitsu for the music: Two Places

I also published this for the #Blogg52 challenge.

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