Det här är Håkan Juholt!

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Det här är Håkan (This is Håkan)
För mina svenska besökare.

Ett förslag till en valaffisch för Socialdemokraterna inför nästa val.

For my Swedish visitors. A suggestion for an election poster for the Social Democrats for the next election.

Det här är LennartA word of explanation for the rest of the world. After a very long, painful and secret selection process, the Swedish Social Democrats have announced the almost anonymous Håkan Juholt as their next party leader. (His promotion will be rubber-stamped by a Party Congress on 25th March.)

The last time a Swedish political party was led by someone as little known was in 1998 when the Centre Party went to the polls led by Lennart Daléus. To overcome popular ignorance of their new leader, Centre chose this to the right as their principal election poster.

Was it successful?
What do you think!?

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I note the more exensive entry for Håkan J contra Lennart D and put it down to Håkan Juholt being in the news now when Wikipedia is fully fledged, but Lennart Daléus having had his day in the sun before Wikipedia was hatched in 2001.

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