Ducklings on Slätta damm – photo of the week

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Three ducklings from a clutch of at least five exploring the lily pads on Slätta damm one morning early summer morning. The ducklings are so fluffy I wasn’t actually sure, looking through the camera’s viewfinder, that I had them in focus. I wasn’t sure till later when I looked at them om my computer screen. Then I could see the focus was good on the drops of water on their backs. The mother (out of shot) was watchful but not alarmed by me pointing the camera at them. I think the species may be Tufted duck (Aythea fuligula – Vigg in Swedish).

The wrong date?

I originally posted this picture on my now defunct daily photo blog, GBG365, on 19th June 2013. I think I took it two or three days before that. By rights, then, I shouldn’t be re-posting it here for a month yet. But yesterday on my morning walk round Slätta damm I saw another family of ducklings and their watchful mother. So of course it was the right moment to post this. The light wasn’t so good yesterday and nor was the camera, but below are the two best pics from the yesterday as well. I’m not sure what sort of duck these are , but the ducklings seem to have exactly the same markings as the ones from 2013.

Oh, and if you scroll to the bottom of the page you can see a video clip of the 2018 ducklings in action!

Ducklings: Duckling on Slätta damm May 2018
Ducklings: Mother duck - possibly goldeneye - on Slätta damm May 2018

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