Hammarkullen Carnival 2011 – Hammarkullekarnevalen

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Hammarkullen is a district or suburb of Gothenburg to the north-east. It’s a place with a large number of immigrants from many different cultures. The annual Hammarkullen carnival started in the 1970s when the largest immigrant groups were from Latin America. It continues today with participation from many different groups – Kurdish, African and Swedish folk-dancers for example. The “study circles” that make the costumes and dance in the parade are mostly not ethnically exclusive. This year, sadly, while the participants might have be tropical in their spirits, the weather was resolutely west-coast Swedish. Still, I got some nice pictures.

Bird’s Eye View

Hammarkullen Carnival audience on scaffolding

These workers had a bird’s eye view of the Hammarkullen Carnival parade. Something that really delighted the paraders when they saw it. For example these kids …

Hammarkullen Carnival kids through a rainy window

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