Housekeeping At the Quill

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I’m not sure if this is of much interest, but I have spent the morning housekeeping on this blog and I feel the need to share.

I’m in the process of transferring the blog from where it has been residing up to now into a subdomain of TheSupercargo’s WordPress multisite. This shouldn’t make any difference to visitors but should make it marginally easier to maintain for me.

In the process, however, I’m also switching themes (from Atahualpa to Graphene) and that is giving me a headache. I probably wouldn’t bother, but the latest upgrade to one of my essential plug-ins (Yoast’s WPSEO) has broken something in the Atahualpa theme so now I don’t have a header. OK, the replacement site is almost ready and I like the look of Graphine, overall, but there are some small stylistic features I don’t like enough and am trying to change.

I thought that would be easy, but it turns out it isn’t. (It never is – you’d think I’d have learned by now, wouldn’t you?)


All of the above is ancient history as I have now abandoned the separate website for At the Quill where I originally published this article. I include it just for the sake of completions. Transferred here on 28 March 2017.

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