March already

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There was some plan this year to publish a blog entry here once a month, wasn’t there? Well, that’s out the window. Here we are in March already.

Welcome to Belgium!

Settling into life in Brussels hasn’t been easy. Few things work the way you expect (bureaucracy). Some things you take for granted are bust (oh the tears shed over our water supply) or just awkward (light fittings, curtains). And some things don’t work full stop. Other expats say “Welcome to Belgium!”

But then other things do work beautifully (Brussels public transport, my Internet connection via Proximus/Belgacom, the Sonos sound system I bought and married to a Spotify sub). And for the things that don’t work, you find work-arounds – or you find you didn’t need them after all.

And then you fall ill and really nothing else matters for a while.


March already: Cough syrupI’m recovering from what seems to have been a bout of tonsillitis: swollen, red throat, with interesting but not very attractive white nodules on my tonsils, left eye weeping matter, deaf in my left ear, occasional fever, short of breath and coughing.

My Belgian doctor’s antibiotic cure was temporarily as bad as the disease. At least, swallowing the giant sized antibiotic tablets was a challenge with my throat. (Had to bite them in pieces.) And then they decimated my gut flora too, which wasn’t pleasant. But I am feeling better now. Like recovering from a bad cold. Still can’t hear properly in my left ear though.

Oh, and here’s a fun fact. What flavour do you suppose Belgian cough syrup has? Remember – Belgium…

I have tried not to let all this unwellness flow over into my blogging.

March already

No one like a whinger – but it means I have not blogged so very much. Or written for that matter. Or published photos on Ello, or updated my status on FB. And now it’s March already.

At least I’ve managed to keep up the Blogg52 challenge.

I have a follow-up visit to the doc this afternoon, after which I’m hoping I will soon be hearing properly again. It’s important to be as well as possible this coming weekend as I shall be visiting family in England. My mother’s birthday. I’m travelling on Thursday and taking the Eurostar through the Channel Tunnel. A first for me. I’m quite excited.

I’ll try to get back on track and update again at the beginning of April.

(Oh – and if you guessed Belgian cough syrup is chocolate flavoured – you guessed right!)

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