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No blog today - still from a 'reel' produced for Facebook and Instagram
No blog today, my novel's underway
     I'm writing all I can, a NaNoWriMo fan.
No blog today, it's as I wrote here last,
     I knew it would be so, a blog would be no-go.

How could I write outside my novel's frame?
     How could I write a blog that's worth the name?
Hard enough I find, to write my target lines,
     to tap out all the words, to build my tale's design.

No blog today. I simply can't convey
     the effort it would take, my concentration break.

So here I am – for a month – here's my rota,
writing only for my epic S.F. book,
my fingers tapping out their daily quota,
cooking up my book.

No blog today, my novel's underway
     and yet I take the time to steal a poppy rhyme.
"No Milk Today", oh Herman, how you've helped
     me write my blog today, despite my saying nay!

So here it is – after all – here's my blog post!
Finished up this November morning dark
It's not great, but it's done – not to boast
but – 
walking in the park!

No blog next week, no matter what I write,
     the novel fills my mind, I can't see how I might.
No blog next week, you can take it to the bank – 
     unless another song and someone else to thank.

(With apologies to Graham Gouldman, who wrote No Milk Today, and to Herman’s Hermits who sang it in 1966.)

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