Standby July

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Weblog news

July is on standby – hence standby July. I’ve put off writing this month’s blog entry because I was hoping I would be able to do so at the same time as I launched the new look for the main website. Sadly I’m not there yet. The new theme is chosen [and abandoned – 15 May 2019] and I’m getting closer to being able to publish it, but there have been the usual problems. Like: code that doesn’t do what you think, late discoveries of things lacking that I should have foreseen and fixed in advance, time optimism. I think I’ll be able to go live with it in a week or two, but not just yet.

In the meantime I can report that I’m still not managing to write more than one blog entry each week — I switched my attention from At the Quill to Stops and Stories, and the latter seems to be bowling along, but the former has languished. I have two entries in mind to write, but I haven’t got around to them. Yet.

On the positive side, I have been able to set up a site at Soundcloud and last Wednesday’s blog at Stops and Stories also exists as an audio recording. In fact, that went so well I am thinking of recording a couple more blogs as sound files and publishing them just to make sure I really have grasped the principles. One of the At the Quill blog entries I’m turning over is a description of what I’m doing. (And why.) It might interest some people.


Standby July: The damned
The damned – it seemed an appropriate illustration of the atmosphere om Reddit at present.

The other projected At the Quill entry is about social networking. Picking up the threads of my Twitter engagement has been a lot more difficult than I anticipated. I’m also still soldiering on with Ello (and FB) and I’m testing the water at Reddit. Reddit has been in some ways the most interesting. Unfortunately my first foray into Reddit coincided with the furore over the new management’s banning of a handful of subreddit communities. My second occurred at the same time as “AMAgeddon”. Both were electronic print versions of firefights — for short periods.

Whether this means Reddit is dying on its feet or entering into a new phase of existence is impossible for me to say. It’s been interesting to observe though. One thing I noticed: sharing links on Reddit to an Ello post and a Stops and Stories blog entry resulted in peaks of interest for both. (Also visitors to this page have been up this month.) I also posted a question on Reddit and received a couple of constructive and measured answers. These contrasted markedly with many of the rest of the comments flying around at the time. Clearly it’s a large community and a broad church.

Other news

In other news, Elin’s Story continues to roll along – nothing earth shattering, but the word counts are ticking up week on week. Oh, yes, and on the FB page for My Gothenburg Days I’ve kept up publishing a “photo of the week” from the archive at GBG365. “Like” the page and get the photos delivered to your stream weekly (Facebook’s algorithm permitting). 🙂

What more? No, I think that’s all I want to share for now. Thanks for visiting.


The illustration is a detail from a painting in the Royal Museum of Fine Art in Brussels. By Bosch, Bruegel or someone of their ilk. The photo itself is sadly out of focus. (Poor light – that’s my story.) So this is somewhat photoshopped.

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