Featured Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day 2016, Brussels

Remembrance Day 2016 as commemorated in Brussels and a meditation (or a rant) on the meaning of the day, plus an apology for the recent break in service. Also a little gallery of photos.

Three scents featured

My Three Scents

These are my three scents – three smells that each conjure up vivid double memories of events widely separated in time and place.

Antiques header


In which, still in Brighton, we visit a cafe where once was an antiques shop that I worked in: stories of the two proprietors 40 years ago.

Bibliomaniac in the family featured image

Bibliomania in the family

Does bibliomania run in my family? My grandfather, Charlie Warwick, had the reputation of being a bibliomaniac – among other things.

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Talking aloud to myself

Talking aloud: A 13-year-old memory of a method of qualitative research interrupts and account of my writing process – both involve talking aloud to myself.