A Shortcut to Mushrooms

Gallery of photographs from an expedition to pick mushrooms – a beautiful fall day in a pine forest in western Sweden.


Styrsjö butterfly

At least this butterfly didn’t flutter by or butter off before I’d caught it’s portrait!

Duck and ducklings

Duck and ducklings on Slätta damm

The spring’s first clutch of ducklings with their mother on Slätta Damm. Slätta Damm is a part of Hisingspark close to home for me.

Walking in the falling snow


A snow-walker from above. Birds-eye-view photo of a man walking after a week of high summer weather, suddenly through a snowfall.

Longing for anemones header

Signs of Spring

Photo essay with pictures of some of the most common and loved Swedish signs of spring – everything from coltsfoot to decorated birch twigs.

Norðings Podcast 2

Partly an “outside broadcast” recording made climbing a snowy mountain in Norland following reindeer.