Together in Cordoba – the complete picture

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For technical reasons beyond my ability to comprehend, I can’t post the whole picture in the same post as the details. So, here are the poem and picture one more time.

Together in Cordoba – 2008

The light like
and the night warm-scented

In the Cathedral-Mosque
walking among the columns,
among the ancient columns
like palm stems
under arches
like palm fronds
and the windows of stone-lace

In the golden light before the door
the young couple
Greeting? Parting?
They clung to one another.

Together in Cordoba 2008

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4 thoughts on “Together in Cordoba – the complete picture”

  1. John, this is stunning. So simple and so exquisite. I’d brought a tingle to the spine and a bit of moisture to the old 61-y-old eyes. Beautiful memories. Well done.

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