Walking on Water

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Well, walking on frozen water anyway. These photos taken this afternoon with the camera in my mobile phone. Mrs SC and I were out for a walk by the sea. it was a bright sunny day – though cold, then a bank of snow clouds moved in. Home for Irish coffee and chocolate!

The edge of the cloud

The picture above shows the edge of the snow cloud coming in. The white expanse between the foreground reeds and the rocky horizon is the sea.

Across the frozen sea

This picture (above) shows the frozen sea between the eastern edge of Hisingen and the nearest islands. We walked just a little way along the shore on the ice, but were unsure how thick it was so didn’t venture further. The sound between the islands is open, though chunky with broken ice.

Sun through frost flowers

This near-abstract picture is a photo of the sun shining through the frosted glass of a bus shelter.

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