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Mrs SC and I flew home to Gothenburg for Easter. Afterwards, while she returned to work in Brussels I stayed on for three weeks to see friends, get seen by my dentist, order (and fetch) new insoles and – most important – complete my tax declaration with a Swedish tax office near at hand and help on the phone. And no phenomenal phone bills because of calling internationally and dangling in a phone queue:

You have place – ONE-HUNDRED-AND-TWENTY-NINE – in a line served by – FOUR – of our personnel. Thank you for waiting. We will answer your call as soon as possible. The expected waiting time is – FIFTY-FOUR – minutes.

Well, perhaps not quite like that.

Betwixt and between I put in some work on my extant websites, and built this one.


Stops and Stories is going to be my blog for travel writing. The idea is to present a weekly entry focusing on a stop. It might be a stop on the Brussels pre-metro, a stop on the London underground, a tram stop in Gothenburg, a hotel stop somewhere in Europe or a bus stop somewhere else in the world. Or a train stop, of course. The background image is based on the tangle of train tracks leading into or out of a mainline station somewhere.

There will be photographs, stories and background related to the stop. There may be other things too – drawings, audio recordings, even videos. Let’s see what comes.

Welcome: Brussels international airport
A wet morning at Brussels International

I originally published this as the first article on my separate Stops and Stories website. I transferred it here for completion’s sake on 9th April 2017. Before transferring it, I revised it for spelling and punctuation, carried out some SEO fine-tuning, and added a featured image .

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