Who can put a price on Christmas?

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Price on ChristmasA picture in place of 1000 words this week. But who can put a price on Christmas? Well, it seems there’s at least one second-hand shop in Gothenburg that can.

A box of Christmas figures displayed outside a second-hand shop in Haga. (I think it’s Haga.) I’m particularly intrigued at the relatively high – and so very exact – price on the pig. At SEK 29 it stands out from all the rest. Pigs are big for Swedes at Christmas. Possibly an atavistic memory of Sæhrímnir, the pig that is cooked and eaten in Valhalla night after night and brought back from the dead every morning. (And that reminds me of the Dish of the Day at The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.)

Mind you, 70:- for the bad-tempered little girls sitting on the log seems a bit steep.

Who can put a price on Christmas?  was written for the #Blogg52 challenge.

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