Writing review Jan 2012

Quillo1I’ve done quite well in keeping to my writing resolutions this past month, but I haven’t been as successful as I might have been. I didn’t really get started until some days into January and I didn’t start keeping a log until the beginning of the second week. (Yes, I’ve been keeping a log in a spreadsheet!)

My primary resolution was to write for at least two hours every day, and that I seem to have kept. To be sure I missed one or two days, but I seem to have worked for about four hours every day between the 9th and 29th January. My best day was Tuesday the 17th when I wrote for nearly 7 hours. On average I’ve written around 1400 words each day, but I’m counting not just the words I’ve written creatively, but also everything I’ve written as translation work, for my blog, and in letters and tweets. I don’t think this is cheating (he said, crossing his fingers. All my writing is creative of course. :-))

My writing resolutions also included producing about 10,000 words for Elin’s Story: sadly I only managed half of that. Though my most productive day for creative writing was Tuesday 24th when I wrote nearly 2700 words, of which 2350 for Elin.

I was also supposed to write a complete short story, and to submit a short story to a market somewhere, this in order to live up to my commitment to the W1S1 project. Well, I started writing a short story and I managed to write 900 odd words for it, but I haven’t completed it yet. As for submitting a story, I have one to send but the mental threshold of making it ready and putting it in an addressed envelope turned out to be rather higher than I anticipated. I shall grit my teeth and send it off this month.

I did write a couple of articles (about 1800 words) and submit them together with a pitch to an online magazine. If they’re accepted then I have a market for, say, another 15 articles of about 500 words each submitted over the next five months. I don’t know whether web journalism really counts as story writing though; grey area maybe. About 6000 of the words I wrote were teaching material for Mera Förlag, and so something I will get paid for eventually. It would be nice to be paid for everything I wrote, but I’m grateful to have a small income at least for some of my writing.

I also resolved to try and publish at least one blog entry every week. I’ve managed to keep this resolution though it hasn’t been as easy as I had anticipated. I’m really not terribly satisfied with a couple of the blog entries I published in January. One (Resolutions) is the truncated remnants of a podcast script four times as long that I spent hours writing but eventually had to abandon. It was a disappointment, but I was right to abandon it – I was letting it take up far too much time and it wasn’t going anywhere.

Well, that’s my review of my writing in January. As I say, not as outstanding as I could have wished, but not a complete failure either. I’m hopeful I will be able to do better in February.

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