Faces in the Rocks

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Sometimes you just never know what you’re going to find. Someone says: That rock’s looking at me! And you look closer and you see … faces. Faces everywhere. Calm faces, angry faces, wise faces, sleeping faces, troubled faces, amused faces.

The faces are to be found painted on the rocks bordering Dr Allards gata up against Landal Egnahem between Dr Fries torg and Wavrinskys plats. Painted (so the artist says) with eco-friendly paints that will fade with time leaving no poisons, they were made during 2011, probably before the summer.

Joakim Stampe

The artist is Joakim Stampe, a performance artist from Göteborg. This is his website: https://www.joakimstampe.org/
And there’s a film of the whole sequence of the Dr Allards gata paintings on YouTube (sadly not showing the artist actually at work): http://youtu.be/r8B9WbM-h1Y

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