A Greetings Card from TheSupercargo

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Here is my seasonal greetings card for all you good people; readers, friends and passsers by. Also, as last year, a glance and my plans for the coming year.

Last year’s final post of the year, sad to say does not make very pretty reading. I was clearly in a bit of a state back then. Behind in every sense. Things have been much better this year, especially since the end of May. But the publishing schedule here at TheSupercargo has been a bit ragged.

After the struggle I had in 2022 to publish 50 blog posts. (I fell short.) I set myself the target of 26 posts in 2023. Well, I achieved that. In fact I managed to publish 33 posts this year. (This post, now, is number 34.) It’s a good number, but I see the majority (23) were in the first half of the year. I’ve only posted 10 in the last five months.

Next year I am going to try to spread things out more evenly. I’ve made myself a nice blogging schedule on a spreadsheet. Let’s see if it makes a difference.

YouTube and a new career

The other plan I’ve been been dancing around all year, has been to start a YouTube channel. That will happen at last in January. The idea is to publish a video every other week of the year, in the weeks I don’t publish a blog post.

Again, there’s a schedule. (I’m very good at making schedules.)

The YouTube channel will be about writing, about authorship and publishing (including self-publishing). In the spring (fingers crossed) I shall publish a personal magazine to be called For Your Consideration, and the videos will draw from that. Among other things.

Back in June I finally retired. After 40+ years of working as a teacher, trainer, translator and occasional researcher I find myself almost entirely the master of my own time. I’m still figuring out how to make the most of it. I can say I’m enjoying the experience. The only small fly in the ointment is that my pension, which I will begin drawing now in January, is modest. Still, with luck, I’m looking at a 25-year writing career starting now!

Maybe, eventually, I’ll be able to supplement my income from my pen. Don’t laugh, stranger things have happened.

Of course the world may go to hell in a handcart before then. However, let us not dwell on miserable things, but travel hopefully into the future.

Seasonal greetings card

Finally, here’s my greetings card to you for Christmas 2023 and the start of the New Year.

A greetings card from TheSupercargo:
Wishing all visitors a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2024

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  1. The best for the upcoming year; I’m looking forward to reading the magazine, the blog post, and watching the YouTube videos! A toast for perfect schedules that never see the light of achievement!.


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