All made up and nowhere to go

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This week’s blog post, and this month’s second post, coincide with my bookkeeping and tax declaration week. Anything at all to do with accounting is right down there in the beige basements of quotidian hell. This year, my least favourite activity in the world coincides with recovery from a spring cold.

Consequently, I’m going to make this week slightly easier for myself by publishing one photo and calling it a blog post! (OK, two photos then.)

Last week we visited the Tate Britain. After I left the gallery, I planned to walk along the Thames to Westminster. But the sun was shining hotly. (It was a very unseasonal February day.) I’d taken the edge off my enthusiasm for walking, wandering around the Tate, so when I saw the Millbank ferry-stop, I too, stopped.

I caught a boat down-river to the City, but while I was waiting I saw this vision in lime green and blue, high and dry on the opposite bank. It looks newly painted (so “all made up”) but it’s high and dry at low tide (so”nowhere to go”).

An old boat all made up with new paint but high and dry at low tide, resting on the shingle shore of the Thames opposite the Millbank ferry stop

Here’s a wider image of the same.

The same boat newly painted boat in a  wider shot including the new high-rise apartment and office buildings on the south bank of the Thames

There was a period when I published a ‘photo of the week’ here. I’ve been looking at the photos again as part of my plans to self-publish a portfolio/collection/magazine of my creativity. Here below are a few links to some of my favourites among the pictures. For your viewing pleasure!

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