KG Hammar on Babel

A Whisper Heard in Babel

A whisper heard in Bable is my attempt at a translation of a poem by former Archbishop KG Hamma composed during the Gothenburg Book Fair.



Poem – a soliloquy about a fiercely competitive relationship between two brothers.


It’s hard

Humorous nonsense poem playing with various senses of “sod” and other words and phrases in which “sod” is an element.

Bad timing header

Bad timing (1938)

Bad timing (1938) Poem retelling a family story about my father and his father. Dad ran away from home to enlist in the army just in time for World War Two.


Not Quite Procol

A re-write of the lyrics of “A Whiter Shade of Pale” using words from the Artwiculate word game.

Medieval apple tree

Pome Poem

Poem about apples and the various meanings of the acronym POME.


The Morning After

Short lexicographical and etymological poem exploring various forms of a word sometimes used to describe how one feels after a night of drinking.


Robert d’Boy

Beware of Robert the Boy! Piece of comic nonsense verse composed around the word hobbledehoy.