Catherine Pettersson and the SWF

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There’s no full post this week at TheSupercargo. Just enough words to satisfy my Search Engine Optimisation software. However you can read my interview with Catherine Pettersson by following this link.

Catherine is the driving force behind the Stockholm Writers’ Festival that will have it’s sixth iteration this coming August. I had the oportunity to interview her for my writers’ group, Pens Around the World, and the full interview is now on their website. (I was working on it over the weekend for pubication on Monday. Part of the reason I haven’t got a post of my own to publish here today.)

Writing groups and Catherine’s path to published

Among the things Catherine and I talked about was the importance to emerging writers ‒ and perhaps even to authors once emerged ‒ of membership in a group of trusted fellow scribblers. Writers with whom you can meet up (even if on-line), to pep, share tips with, and offer one another constructively critical feedback. Catherine’s group is the Stockholm Writers’ Group, while mine is PATW. I can’t speak for the SWG, but my own group is currently open to accept applications for membership.

We talked about the rocky road Catherine has travelled, getting the Stockholm Writers’ Festival up and running. (All despite the worst Covid could throw at it). And also about her own “path to published”. Her first published novel, an historical fiction, A Daughter of the King, came out in 2021. To date it’s sold about 1000 copies.

I have attended the SWF in the past (see the Read more section below), and will be there again this August. There’s sure to be another a report to come. There may even be a short video with highlights from the interview in the not too distant future. We’ll see.

In the meantime, that’s just over 300 words, so Yoast ought to be happy! Cheerio till next week, dear reader.

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