High wind in Gothenburg

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High wind

Yesterday was a day of high winds. It was also the day the committee of our housing co-op (condominium) had designated as a day for Spring Cleaning. Dozens of residents and co-opted relatives gathered to rake last autumn’s leaves, pick scrap, dig weeds, prune and generally tidy up the grounds around our blocks of flats.

In previous years this has been a very pleasant (if tiring) communal activity, which has wound up with a joint sausage grilling at our out-door grill. Yesterday though, the wind made a mockery of all our efforts and the sausage grilling turned into a semi-indoor affair with us workers crowded together in the lee of a garage to eat our hotdogs and drink our coffee.

The illustrations below show a happier day in a previous year (2007). I didn’t feel like taking the camera out yesterday.

Assuming the gallery function works – you should be able to see them as a lightbox sequence … if it doesn’t then it’s back to the drawing board.

After, I spent much of the afternoon working on this home page. Rather than change the structure or add more widgets and plug-ins – that will come, no doubt – I have been concentrating on adding content. I started with a current interest.


I’ve been playing the Twitter-based word-game Artwiculate (http://artwiculate.com) since late September last year and have gathered quite a back catalogue of tweets – some of which I think are worth preserving. These will be appearing under the catagory tag Artwiculations.

Over the months, I’ve also had several flights of fancy in which I’ve taken the Artwiculate Word of the Day and made a story or longer poem out of it. I’m putting these together as single blog entries, illustrating them and calling them ArtwicuTales.

And since the beginning of April, I’ve been tweeting an almost daily round-up of what I find the most interesting, moving, funny, exceptional, clever tweets of the day by my fellow players, the Artwiculati. I’ve now posted all these, as a separate blog entry for each day/word, under the catagory. See this page: RT Round-up.

Tags and Categories

I’m planning to add all my back catalogue of blog entries and short Internet articles to the page over the next few weeks. With the tags and categories, and the other options provided by WordPress, I hope they’ll be easier to search through and navigate.

Now I’m going to work on some photos.

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