Wultan warrior – some fragments of Anglo-Saxon verse

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On 16th April, the Artwiculate Word of the Day was wizen. This is a word of Old English origins, so it seemed appropriate to offer some fragments of cod Anglo-Saxon alliterative verse.

Wultan warrior
Wultan warrior

As Wultan watched
The wizen wizard wove his words,
Warp and weft, wending, winding.
His wizen wisdom’s yet worth wealth,
Thought Wultan.

Wultan warrior,
Yet wept to witness war’s wreck,
Wasted women and wizen weans.
War for what, wondered Wultan.

Wultan, Wotan’s worshipper was
Yet willing to welcome wise words.
Commands the White God’s man
to speak.
“Vewily, I say, Chwist is wizen!”

The westron woman worked her wiles,
Wrapped Wultan who waxed wondrously,
But when the witch had had her way,
How wizen was Wultan!

Then Wultan to Witenagemot,
Wise council seeking, but wizen
Were the Witan, stricken weird.

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The above illustration is a perversion of a painting, by Mark Schultz, of Conan the Barbarian, borrowed from Wikipedia.

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