The Matrimonial Moiety of Juliet Capulet

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On 16th January 2010, the Artwiculate Word of the Day was Moiety.

If a society is divided into exactly two descent groups, each is called a moiety, after the French word for half.

If the two halves are each obliged to marry out, and into the other, these are called matrimonial moieties.

Romeo and Juliet

How would the story of Romeo and Juliet work in a moiety society? Watch this space, @artwiculate!

Moiety - Forbidden Love
Forbidden Love: Juliet and Paris

In Verona, society is divided between two moieties, the Capulets and the Montagues. Juliet is the most nubile daughter of the Capulet Moiety

Juliet Capulet is betrothed to Romeo Montague in accordance with the rules of the moiety, but will societal chains bind true love?

At a ball to celebrate her betrothal, young Juliet dances with Paris of the Capulet Moiety, and falls madly in love. She rejects Romeo!

Romeo and Mercutio of the Montague Moiety, join forces with Tybalt Capulet. The shame of Juliet’s behaviour must be washed out with blood.

Moiety Unmarred

The gang of young men call themselves Moiety Unmarred and swear to fight to preserve the honour of the traditional ways.

Moiety Unmarred track down Paris, who defends himself valiantly, killing both Mercutio and Tybalt before dying on the point of Romeo’s sword

Moiety Unmarred
Moiety Unmarred swear to fight.

Romeo carries the news to the hall of the Capulet Moiety. The wedding of Romeo and Juliet now goes ahead, though Juliet is grief-stricken.

Friar Laurence of the Montague Moiety presides over the ceremony, but Juliet has secretly persuaded her nurse to visit an apothecary.

As the moiety wedding gets underway, Juliet gives Romeo a cup of poisoned wine to drink. As he dies, she seizes his dagger and stabs herself

The blandishments of sentiment

How would the story end? Are the bonds of the moiety stronger than the blandishments of sentiment? I think so.

Benvolio Montague will wed Rosaline Capulet. The strength of moiety kinship will be reaffirmed; Juliet’s aberrant behaviour condemned.

This story proved to be a bit hard to swallow for the Artwiculati. Some of the parts attracted a few votes, but none enough to scramble into the “Top 50”.

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