Reflected roots – photo of the week

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Reflected rootsRather more than just reflected roots here, reflected autumn trees in the light of the setting sun, reflected leaves and branches in shadow, and also, yes, roots. Can you find them?

I originally published this photo on the GBG365 website on 31st October 2012. Taken at Slätta damm in Hisingspark, it’s one of the photos I was most happy with that season. I think it stands the test of time. What I like about it more than the colours and the reflections is the way it approaches abstraction.

Mind you, if you want something really abstract, how about the picture below, taken (by accident) at more or less the same time.

Autumn blur

By way of an aside. You won’t believe the difficulty I had finding the original of this week’s photo. For all my Photos of the Week I’m going back to the original photographs and re-processing them. This sometimes gives a brighter look (with colours that pop for the Instagram age), and always gives a larger image. But this week, I was almost ready to simply republish the small, watermarked jpeg I posted in 2012. I could not find the original. My go-to archive was missing the photos from October 2012. In the end I ploughed through 6 different HDs, each with its own special cataloguing system, before I tracked this photo down. The things I do for Art.

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