Six degrees of propinquity: The genesis

On the 10th November 2009, the Artwiculate Word of the Day was Propinquity. Associating with 6° of Separation and 6° of Kevin Bacon, I came up with a game to play within the game of Artwiculate.

Six Degrees (6º) of Propinquity – the game for etymophiles and lexicophiles. Link two apparently unconnected words in six or fewer stages.

6º of Propinquity EG Distance Apartness Apart a part (O Fr = at the side/beside) Beside Closeness Propinquity [Tada!]

And all without benefit of coffee – which I’m off to get now.

@dmriver Ha! Just came into my head in the shower. Wonderful things, showers. Regard it as creative commons & torture who U like with it 🙂

Six Degrees of Propinquity: 1° John / 2° Baptism / 3° Fire / 4° Water / 5° Gate / 6° Nixon [Kudos @TheSupercargo]

6º Propinquity SiliaCeciliablind musicianblending soundscarrying them cross spacethrough foreign fieldspilgrim @SJHatzi

WOTD: Effervescent (12 November)
Six Degrees of Propinquity: 1° Artwiculate 2° Effervescent 3° Twitter 4° Characters 5° Crowned 6° Kings [Kudos @TheSupercargo]

Effervescent to Flat – 6º of Propinquity: Effervescent <1º> Fermenting <2º> Ferment <3º> Catalyst <4º> Changeless <5º> Unvarying <6º> Flat

WOTD: Untenable (15 November)
6 Degrees of Propinquity – 1° Untenable / 2° Tenuous / 3° Ethereal / 4° Up high / 5° High ground / 6° Defensible

More to come!

Six Degrees of Propinquity
Six Degrees of Propinquity

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