St Callous of Acrimony – an Artwicutale

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On the 31st October 2009 the Artwiculate Word of the Day was Acrimony. For some reason this got me thinking about Cremona and then my imagination took over. This was my first extended Artwicutale.

St Callous of AcrimonySaint Callous of Acrimony

Today is the Festival of Saint Callous of Acrimony in the Redundant Calendar of the Occidental Orthodox Church.

Callous of Acrimony is the patron saint of couples in divorce proceedings, litigants in legal wrangles and families in domestic disputes.

Prayer to St Callous: Oh, Callous, Saint of Acrimony, be with me I pray, inspire my thoughts with rancour and my words with acid.

It is a real tragedy that the attractive little Italian town of Acremona should have become famous in the English speaking world as Acrimony

Equally sad that the goodhearted if hardhanded stonemason Callus of Acremona should have become St Callous of Acrimony.


Nowadays, Acremona Council goes with the flow, organising an annual Festival of Acrimony which attracts tourists from around the world

During the Festival the little church of St Callous is richly decorated with banners, displaying statements of acrimony from around the world

The Festival of Acrimony has come right into the 21st century. Today it is possible to follow St Callous on Twitter and tweet acrimony in prayers and supplication to the honour of the saint and the damnation of ones enemies.

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On 6th November, when the WOTD was litany a couple more St Callous tweets presented themselves.

From the litany of St Callous

A part of the litany of St Callous of Acrimony: “Your fault! Your fault! Everything’s your fault!”

A part of the litany of St Callous of Acrimony (Old Style): “Tui culpa! Tui culpa! Tui omnia culpa!”

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