The creatures of the world debated which of them had most right to the title Prodigious.

Squamous header

The Squamous Dermisaurus

Comic poem featuring imaginary dinosaurs written in response to “Epidermis” as Word of the Day on the Artwiculate word-game. Illustration made in Photoshop.


This Mirrored Chamber

tep into this mirrored chamber, see your image promulgate, Looking deep you’ll see a spark: your yester-self – but wait! There too’s your Armageddon ember. I composed this poem in response to three challenges: the Artwiculate word of the day on 5th October 2011 was Promulgate. The word of the day on Loqwacious was Yester. … More…

Crass punk samurai

Crass Punk Samurai

Digital illustration made up of a samurai, a punk mohawk, the logo of the anarcho-punk group Crass and the colours of the Jpanese flag.



Poem – a soliloquy about a fiercely competitive relationship between two brothers.


It’s hard

Humorous nonsense poem playing with various senses of “sod” and other words and phrases in which “sod” is an element.