Not Quite Procol

A re-write of the lyrics of “A Whiter Shade of Pale” using words from the Artwiculate word game.


The Morning After

Short lexicographical and etymological poem exploring various forms of a word sometimes used to describe how one feels after a night of drinking.


Robert d’Boy

Beware of Robert the Boy! Piece of comic nonsense verse composed around the word hobbledehoy.

Zelda the Zealot 8

Zelda the Zealot

Comic poem in rhyming couplets illustrated by photographs of a cat climbing a tree, playing in snow or curled asleep.


An die Schadenfreude

In fact, Beethoven’s original title for “An die Freude” was “An die Schadenfreude”, but Schiller objected.

St Callous of Acrimony

The Epiphany of St Callous of Acrimony

Epiphany was the word of the day on Artwiculate – three days before the Epiphany of January 2011. As good an excuse as any for further fantasies woven about the personality of St Callous of Acrimony.