The Wordsmiths will Articulate Today

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There’s a hubbub in the town
and the story’s going round
that the wordsmiths will articulate today.
They’ll gather in the square
and demonstrate their flair,
tossing nouns and verbs and concepts in high play.

Wordsmiths: Highwire performer
You will wonder at their skill
and the way that they can fill
the air with sparkling phrases and with wit,
and your heart will lift with joy
at the brilliance they deploy
and the anagrams and puns that they commit.

With open mouths you’ll gaze
at their daring turns of phrase,
and their repartee will hold you in their thrall –
articulate shamans,
juggling lexi-talismans,
as they dance upon the highest wire of all.

On 14th January 2013 the Word of the Day on Artwiculate was hubbub. A poem about wordsmiths seemed appropriate.

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