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A Right and Proper Subject

What is a right and proper subject for a novel today? A discussion of commercial and moral arguments and a vindication (I hope) of authorial freedom.

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Synopsis of The Long Way to London

A synopsis of The Long Way to London, the first part of Elin’s Story, that I wrote for the Stockholm Writer’s Festival 2018. This version includes hyperlinks to more information about the story and the characters.

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In praise of ABE Books

In which the arrival of a parcel from ABE Books (and a secondhand bookshop in Gothenburg) makes me happy for hours and breaks a writer’s block I’d run into.

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Bothwell in Brussels

How to get James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell, into the story? Turns out he was in Brussels in 1565. Also includes a translation of “Vadstenabullret”.