The Stream at Munkedal

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In Sweden there is a season called vår-vinter (spring-winter) when the days are longer but cold still grips the land. A week of thaw weather had freed some of the water-courses inland, but the cold had returned. At Munkedal in Bohuslän the cold but not quite frozen water boiled down the stream under the old bridge by Munkedal Manor, but water vapour and splashed water froze quickly on the hanging branches of the trees and on the rocks in the stream.

These photos were taken at midday on 13th February.

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    • Thanks, Kristina! I was very pleased with how they turned out.

      And, thanks, you’ve shown me a reason for not having the pictures appear in a random order each time someone opens this entry! So, now they’re in a fixed order, but possibly “number 4” is now not the one you liked best. 🙂

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