Zelda the Zealot

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Zelda the Zealot’s a very fine cat
And if nothing better’s offered she’ll sit on a mat.

Zelda the Zealot 1
Though Zelda the Zealot prefers when she’s able
To beg food and hunt crumbs on the table.

Zelda the Zealot 9
Zelda the Zealot’s made herself a lair
On a blanket by the window in a corner of the stair.

Zelda the Zealot 7
Zelda the Zealot likes to dream of the noise
Of birds at the bird table, stalking’s one of her joys.

Zelda the Zealot 2
Zelda the Zealot’s a tree-loving cat,
She’ll climb way up high if there’s something to pat.

Zelda the Zealot 3
Zelda the Zealot’s without fear, not a trace!
She’ll walk along branches with balance and grace.

Zelda the Zealot 4
Zelda the Zealot’s a most active cat,
But sometimes she stops for a requiescat.

Zelda the Zealot 5
Zelda the Zealot’s the only cat I know
Who’ll happily play all day in the snow.

Zelda the Zealot 6
Now that’s the end of my catterel rhyme
Of Zelda the Zealot – who thinks: “About time!”

Zelda the Zealot 8
Zealot was Artwiculate’s word of the day today.
The cats in the pictures are actually called Lillan and Rani and live with my brother- and sister-in-law. Zelda is the name of my niece’s cat, but she’s no zealot. 😉

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