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Just a short up-date on developments at YouWriteOn where an extract from the current draft of Elin’s Story is in competition.

Further to my previous entry. It’s been 5 days since I last received a review, so whoever was assigned my text to read on 4th April is cutting it a bit fine. We are supposed to complete reviews within a four day limit. I’m impatient to see my reviews and score and as I can’t see the score till I’ve received 4 reviews, I’m not looking at what the reviewers have written yet either. (This isn’t me practicing self-discipline – more self-preservation. I want to have a few different opinions so I don’t let myself get hung up on one. As I am very likely to do.)

In my last, I suggested that friends and readers who are not registered at YouWriteOn might register and write me a voluntary review. I now realise that won’t help.  Scores given by voluntary reviewers are not counted into the total score. Fair enough – that would make it too easy to cheat by campaigning for votes. (Or encouraging people to give negative scored or reviews to others).

So, if you’ve read the extract, don’t write me a review on YouWriteOn. But if you feel like it please do send me a review. (If you don’t have an e-mail address for me, use this site’s Contact form. Follow the link just here or at the top of the page.)

And the link to Elin’s Story on YouWriteOn is http://youwriteon.com/books/bookdetail.aspx?bookguid=62edaee3-9612-4db7-817a-cc20d4378bc4
Even if not registered with the site, you should be able to click on “I want to read sample chapters from this book” and do just that.

OK, just wanted to get that of my mind. 🙂 Thanks for reading.

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