John Nixon

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All’s Well That Ends Well

All’s Well that Ends Well – a review of the British National Theatre’s production, seen live in a cinema in Gothenburg on Thursday 1st October 2009 – the transcript of an audio recording.

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Prora, Rügen: Kraft durch Freude

Prora, Rügen: Kraft durch Freude is my most successful music video – very nearly my only music video – but the success is probably down to the music All film and photographs used in Prora, Rügen: Kraft durch Freude, including photos of archive images, were made in or near Prora on the German Baltic island … More…

Revolutionary Road

Gothenburg International Film Festival 2009 Revolutionary Road is not Titanic despite Kate and Leo – and both of them have appeared in better films – but as a costume drama it’s certainly worth seeing Suffocation of youthful dreams by 1950s US middle-class norms. None of the characters really sympathetic – mostly rather pathetic. All immature … More…