The creatures of the world debated which of them had most right to the title Prodigious.


Come somnambulate with me
Through silver-touched night gardens
Where the oil-black stream slips slowly by
And poppies nod by winding paths
Slow night-dark heads in off-beat time.

Can't sleep bells header

Can’t sleep

Can’t sleep – a poem of despair! And the sound of the peal of bells in Holcot village church, Northamptonshire. Can’t someone switch them off at night?

Advice header


Take my advice. Do not under any circumstances decide to start two new websites at more or less the same time.

Graffiti artists + mezzo-American figures

If … Graffiti Artist

Stylized picture (photoshopped) of graffiti artist apparently painting mezzo-American figures on a white-washed wall.

Faces in the Rocks header

Faces in the Rocks

Faces in the Rocks: Someone says “That rock’s looking at me!” And you look closer and you see … A gallery of photographs of rock faces by Joakim Stampe.