Birthday Blues: The Supercargo looking a little blue

Birthday Blues

Birthday Blues: How I celebrated my 53rd birthday. Also about criminal behaviour in my family and about about the law of copyright.

Norðings Podcast 2

Partly an “outside broadcast” recording made climbing a snowy mountain in Norland following reindeer.


Norðings Podcast 1

Introduction to TheSupercargo’s Nordings (Norðings) podcasts. How to pronounce Norðings, TheSupercargo’s 1st year in Sweden, water shortages.

Letter from Sweden Featured

A Letter from Sweden

This is my second voice recording in the series “Letters from Northern Lands”. This episode visits Swedish Midsummer, the recent Royal Wedding in Stockholm and the way the Swedish media has reported it, and considers whether Sweden is a monarchy or really a closet republic.

The Habit of Art - Banner

The Habit of Art

Review of NTLive’s broadcast of London’s National Theatre production of The The Habit of Art by Alan Bennett with Richard Griffiths and Alex Jennings.

All’s Well That Ends Well

All’s Well that Ends Well – a review of the British National Theatre’s production, seen live in a cinema in Gothenburg on Thursday 1st October 2009 – the transcript of an audio recording.