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Name your weapons

Sadly, we’ve recently been learning the names of weapons. There’s one name that’s the most successful name for a weapon in human history.

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Crystal clear

A review of The Story of English in 100 Words by David Crystal – 100 words, 100 short essays about each word its history and context.

Besides words there is always dance

Dance is an art-form that exists, like photography, alongside words. A meditation on dance and a brief review of two performances that were part of the 2014 Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival (GDTF).

Hay fever featured image

Hay fever? Hej, fever! (Revisited)

Hay fever? Hej fever! A not entirely frivolous investigation of the meaning and origins of hay fever and other, older related terms in English, Swedish and other languages.


Come somnambulate with me
Through silver-touched night gardens
Where the oil-black stream slips slowly by
And poppies nod by winding paths
Slow night-dark heads in off-beat time.

Resolutions header


Resolutions: a parody of the twisted information about the history of Janus and New Year Resolutions available from various Internet sites.

Crass punk samurai

Crass Punk Samurai

Digital illustration made up of a samurai, a punk mohawk, the logo of the anarcho-punk group Crass and the colours of the Jpanese flag.