The Mother of all Gaps

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This week TheSupercargo is taking a planned break for my mother’s sake. But thanks for dropping by!

This Wednesday the 15th March is my mother’s birthday. Today she turns 101. I was in England last year for her 100th and now I am amazed all over again. The first year of her second century in the bag, year two just beginning. I suppose there can’t be so many more years left, but I’ve been thinking that for over a decade now and each March proves me wrong.

You will appreciate why I’ve chosen this week to take the second of my planned breaks for the year.

But if you’re interested, below are some links to other posts on TheSupercargo … about my mother and father, my grandparents and related stories. And a birthday photo from last year.

My mother says she wrote a thank you letter to “Queenie” and promised to send her a birthday card when she turned 100. She was a bit disappointed when Elizabeth didn’t have the staying power to carry on another four years. A bit. Although she’s remarkably bright for a 101-year-old, her age has enabled her to embrace mindfulness far more successfully than I’ve ever done. Her days pass quickly and she focuses more often on the now – and the long ago.

She’s recently had a cataract op and I’m hoping she’ll soon be able to look through some of her old photos with me again, and talk about the people in them.

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