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A blog about Stops and associated Stories. About journeys I have made, sights I have seen and places I’ve stopped. It’s also about the stories I have come across along the way. It’s about things that have happened to me, or to people I know; about stories I have been told, or found reading, or witnessed, or overheard.

What you’ll find

Travel: Link to Brighton tag page
Brighton’s West Pier across shingle

There is quite a lot of photography. Pictures I’ve taken along the way to illustrate my articles. Galleries of photos that I couldn’t find an article to accompany, or that collect pictures published elsewhere on social media. (These also appear categorised under Images.) There’s also the occasional article lamenting a photo I didn’t manage to take.

The best photos, like the best fish, are the ones that got away.

You’ll find many posts tagged Gothenburg – my home town in Sweden for the last 20 years or more. There are posts tagged Brighton . I grew up in Brighton (Hove, actually) and I try to get back to England once a year to see family.

Travel: Link to Brussels tags
Mercator in Brussels

Recently there’s a block of posts tagged Brussels and Belgium because my wife and I lived there for most of the three years between 2015 and 2017.

You’ll also find a number of posts tagged Ghana – the country where I lived as a child and which I revisited for the first time at the turn of the year 2018-2019.

Overlapping with my Reviews category there are several articles reviewing travel books, atlases, guides and websites. Some of these are real, some fabulous and some tread the line between. (For example, the Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands.) There are also some Meditations on the deeper meaning of travel and journey.


I started blogging for Stops and Stories in part to keep up my participation in a once-a-week blog challenge in Sweden – Blogg52. To begin with Blogg52 posts were supposed to come out on Wednesdays, which is why Wednesday became my most regular publication day. After a period when I published on the website three times a week, I’m back to a more sensible once-a-week schedule. Stops and Stories alternates with At the Quill, Articulations and Reviews.

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